Workplace Productivity as a Service (WPaaS)

Avinash Garg, Senior Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Unisys India

India is increasingly becoming one of the most preferred business destinations globally with over 15 lakh registered companies and around 20,000 start-ups . Almost all of these companies rely on technology to compete against their peers. The cost of technology negligence leads to poor productivity or even shut-down of businesses in some cases. Workplace Productivity as a Service (WPaaS) is a solution for companies to create an ecosystem that optimises technology to increase productivity.

"Choose the right consultant as it helps cultivate a technology culture that drives business agility on a less-explored platform"

India is rapidly warming up to cloud technology with 62% of the nation’s active businesses on cloud (a CSA survey) as the network bandwidth and security grows stronger by the day . The expanding range of end-user devices and expectation for today’s digital generation to work anytime and anywhere makes it effective only if it is productive.

Why Businesses want it?

WPaaS provides better business agility in a hybrid cloud as compared to private cloud because a digital worker can access the data from anywhere, anytime, through any device of his/her own choice.

According to the CSA survey, more than 27% of its respondents aim to move to cloud by 2017. Here are some of the reasons that appeal to businesses in India.

• A complete package – WPaaS is easy to procure and deploy which is the biggest benefit for companies. The management services are completely handled by the vendor.

• Fixed-line items –WPaaS come with fixed costs and ensure that growing companies can predict costs as they add more offices/people. It grows with the company and will allow better productivity at work.

• One Vendor – With WPaaS, CIOs can deal with just one vendor for all IT, Social Media & Telecom requirements. For large organisations, this helps in keeping the partner network small and reliable.

• Support to Employees – WPaaS allows employees the best enterprise work practise, be it in the office or at a remote location.

What Employees want?

Millennials comprise of a large part of the workforce in India. They expect offices to be modern, tasteful and most importantly, functional. Workplaces have a clear role to play in employees' productivity. Employees want workplaces to enable collaboration and streamline processes to make best use of time and skills.

According to a PwC research titled ‘Indian Workplaces of 2022’, 61% of respondents said that they are ready to completely retrain themselves in order to remain relevant. Employees in India are open to learning new things at the workplace and WPaaS allows them to work on a fast, seamless and reliable platform that allows them to organise work efficiently.

The Indian workforce of 2022 will be multi-generational, adaptable, yet self-assured and open to adopting new technologies. To fit their needs, future workplaces must be dynamic and process-led, qualities that Indian companies must work towards now.

What will WPaaS do for you?

WPaaS is ultimately aimed at enabling efficient growth of each individual. It helps organisations to maintain a lean structure and create a healthy balance between the organisational goals and employee aspirations. Some of the key service offerings are as explained below:

• Infrastructure and Storage as a Service – It provides hybrid Cloud platform for delivering a full range of highly secure, managed IT infrastructure and application services. It offers flexible computing options, security, backup and disaster recovery.

• Managed Desktop as a Service – It addresses the growing concern of keeping your end user environment up to date and secure – while also moving you to an OpEx model that frees you to use precious capital in other areas of your business. MDaaS delivers the latest end user productivity and security tools via an ‘as a Service’ (aaS) model.

• Social Networking Advisory Services - The Social Networking Advisory Services helps to create a digital culture by embedding social connect to support HR on-boarding activities, encourage engagement, crowd-source innovative ideas, connect workstreams, build a platform for multidirectional corporate communication, and enable a more self-sufficient worker.

• Other prominent service entities include Platform as a Service, Office 365 as a Service andMessaging as a Service.

Workplaces of the future need to create a fine balance between the organisation and its employees. It should spur productivity while maintaining employee satisfaction. WPaaS is an excellent offering for small, medium and large enterprises alike. It is key for businesses to.