Work Processes that Get Directly Affected By Automation And Mobility

Parna Ghosh, Vice President & Group CIO, Uno Minda Group

In terms of faster delivery, speed, security, quality, everything is about getting closer to customers. The traditional IT involving something as basic as the traditional data center is been being followed for a fair long time now. According to me, the change here is extremely slow. In this scenario, change management becomes softer and the business comes closer to the market. This is turn, as an organization leads you not to bother about the IT systems and challenges. Accordingly, it helps going overboard focusing on customer and the core business and not the IT staff. Agility finds a very critical role here that promises faster ROIs. This approach doesn’t require investing a large CapEx to invest in your current setup. If you want to exit from your current processes it’s a fairly easy. These are basically the advantages of going to Cloud from a customer centric organization’s point of view.

"With the increase of mobile phones in the past, both business employees and customers want enterprise web applications to be accessed on their phones"

Mobility and the work processes that it supports

With the increase of mobile phones in the past, both business employees and customers want enterprise web applications to be accessed on their phones. This is directly proportional to the core workflows of any organization and their collaborative approach. Things like purchase order process, approval process, sales order process, payment approval process and design approval process, are candidates of mobility. These things are easy to make mobile for smaller work process organization, from an enterprise’s point of view. From employee’s system point of view, workflows like automating leave management process, reimbursement process, travel process or customer oriented order management process, sales process, collection, service, customer service, taking calls on your phone and assigning to someone- are brought to mobile. So from sales, customer service, warranty, finance and HR perspective, a loT of things are possible through mobile, because you have agile workforce. First is mobility, second is advantage in agility and third is Cloud. These three go together and we have a powerful combination in terms smooth workflows.

"With the increase of mobile phones in the past, both business employees and customers want enterprise web applications to be accessed on their phones"

To make this digital transformation leap in the delivery of customer journeys, organization need to act quickly to acquire deep capabilities in user experience and user interfaces. The biggest advantage is of productivity. It allows one to focus more on the results and less on the process. Automation is going to play a major role. A business can also reduce the number of people assigned for one particular task, as automation can process data, process the workflow and the application. From an IT team perspective there is a lot of advantage in terms of speed and agility. The speed of application or implementation of anything is high and the advantages are tremendous.

Uno Minda’s mobility initiatives

Uno Minda Group too is looking at mobility and developing cloud-hosted applications which will be accessible from mobile as well as desktops. We are not making native applications for mobile; these apps themselves are dynamic, with the capability of adjusting the form factors and screen size accordingly. All changes are dependent on the screens and the diversions of the OS. So it’s a very flexible tech we are using. We are running it for over 3000 employees. Moreover, we are looking into projects related to robotics automation. These are into the SAP systems since we have a large SAP implementation in the group, i.e. 45 plants live in SAP to be precise. We are trying to automate certain processes through software robotics and AI using machine learning. These are the three technologies that we are pushing forward to be used in processes like procure-to-pay, order-to-cash cycle, financial consolidation,payroll etc. Secondly, we are taking our ride of IoT. The group is trying to evaluate business case in order to understand how to implement IoT into it.

Dueto security breaches, organizations are making security a top priority in their digital transformation. The digital environment is extremely critical and difficult with few or no governance or regulations available. Hence, we are going to try to include security measures to protect the data.

We are in the manufacturing space, especially in the Auto industry. The industry 4.0 states to encompass automation of your factory premises, financial process automation, employee process automation, customer delivery and efficiency improvement. This has given way for many things to disrupt. In addition, in our industry we can certainly be the game changer in the space. It also includes aspects like employment or re-skilling of people. With the entire make in India campaign catching pace to multiply employment opportunities, it will be ignorance to automate and do away with people. Therefore, we have to include the employees in the same process for more productivity and utilization of work force in more efficient areas. The new era of transformation is here.