Transforming Pharma companies with Digital Security

Vivek Digumarti, Head-IT, Sai Life Sciences

Service is a new phenomenon. Service will definitely see a growth but having said that products have been in the market for a long time. In current scenario, it makes sense to go with the service because by and large the products are getting updated with new switches. There is also a huge CAPEX involved in maintaining those hardware and many other expenses like licenses etc. But in service, no product or license is required. Service is provided by the service provider where we just need to pay for the service subscription fees. And one such service is Information Security. Security has become a critical requirement for any company and for Pharmacy Company this is a must. Keeping security in mind, there are a lot of audits happening across healthcare and Sai Life could successfully undergo audits without any notice or warnings. This was possible because of many parameters, controls and up gradation of the infrastructure. Maintaining the Data integrity and augmenting them are becoming mandatory across Pharmacy companies. Earlier Pharma companies gave the least attention to the Information Security but now there is a huge change in this and hence the companies have increased their share of investment on the security of products and services. Building a team within its resources can be beneficial. For ex-the server, the administrator, the network administrator they are the part of the security team and having a leader who is already trained on the cybersecurity who will be supervising all the vulnerabilities and day to day happenings on the Information Security and provide assistance and support to the respective administrator to patch these gaps accordingly will help in a big way. VAPT are assessed by the consulting company. Periodic Batch Management is one such product that is in league with these security products. Creating a matrix including all the required parameters like ISO and other standards along with the questionnaires will certainly help the clients and thus increasing the business in turn.

There are a lot of global pharma companies who frequently audit. Any change that we undertake whether that is digitization or anything all have to pass the regulatory bodies. We have developed electronic laboratory notebook that has replaced manual hand notebooks. We have created internal development team that use. NET. Working with quality assurance team in qualifying the application and giving acceptance to business users have been strategically followed up. Another aspect of Information Security is anti-malware protection on system esp. the instrument connected systems which are not easy to implement. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom given across all the areas. So we have many innovations facilitated with digitization.Basic Foundation of Sai Life Sciences is innovation because without innovation Research and Development work on a pharma or a new molecule can’t be created. So innovation is very essential for this business and the management gives complete freedom to the team to come out with their analysis of the requirement and head accordingly.