Technology Innovation - An Imperative Pillar to Ameliorate Agriculture

Anil Nadkarni, CIO, Mahyco Seeds Ltd. | Friday, 06 October 2017, 09:29 IST

Many elements of today's digital technolo­gy, enable agriculture segment in unprec­edented ways. As we witness increasing population, farmers as well as agricultural companies are turning to technology ad­vancements like Internet of Things(IoT) and Mobile technologies to attain instant access to enor­mous information and greater production capabilities, thus aiming to meet the demand for feeding growing popula­tion. Certainly, farmers have already begun concentrating on both high tech farming techniques and technologies in order to reinforce the efficiency of their day-to-day work. Technological progress such as sensors and internet-enabled devices are bringing a colossal amount and types of data that can help them make better decisions. The sensors that can be placed in fields is one of the exemplars, which al­lows farmers to procure detailed information about both topography and resources in the area, along with variables like acidity and temperature of the soil etc. Besides, drones have become a significant tool for farmers to survey their lands and generate crop data. In addition, companies who pay heed to innovative technologies related to agriculture and its developments like Mahyco Seeds, have developed Mobile apps that cross the threshold of digital technology to farmers and obtain information swiftly.

It is an undeniable fact that technology innovations are ame­liorating agriculture space. At pre­sent, IoT wave is set to impel to­day's agriculture sector to the next level and bringing competent de­vices as well as solutions to revamp it. However, the potential of IoT to maximize agricultural efficiency, is best achieved when it is integrated with data analytics. Today's IoT devices are capable to collect the optimum data for perceiving the es­sential requirements and issues related to farms and crops, and enable both farmers and enterprises to take corrective actions. These potential benefits of IoT devices, strengthen farmers to gain relevant information related to their farms quickly and quality seeds, take adequate steps and improve their farming.

Furthermore, there is a need to focus on the major potential for hybridization. Owing to the rising costs of production and the necessity of quality seeds, the technol­ogy focus on creation as well as modification of seeds can transform the lives of the Indian farmers and the face of our agriculture industry. As farmers understand the capa­bility of technology and the way of farming changes, the cost of technology solutions including IoT devices needs to be cheap and affordable to our farmers for bringing a major transformation in agriculture and fulfilling their dreams.